(It may be the first thing I should write, but I'm grateful that some people have responded.




By the way, I don't know if it's Google in Japan again, but I harassed it with a search engine, whether it was eavesdropping on a voyeur or identifying an individual from an IP address.

I think Google would lie if it wasn't done, but it was a lie because I actually saw it, I'll die.



Don't get in the way, get in the way, and profit from others in a dirty way




Raymond Hill is SUDA add-on


It seems that the true face of the profile was erased because it was terrible.

With your add-on.


Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle (1887 - 1933) the grown up fat boy of the American silent screen, whose career came to grief after a sensational murder trial in 1921. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


You will never see your face in the world for the rest of your life.

That way, you have no choice but to make money, and you will.

Please continue to live with that ugly face and heart for the rest of your life.






I haven't used it, but looking at the low reviews, it looks like this.

Even in Japan, there were people of this type due to software defects.

Originally, it is free software and there is a duality that advertising related is necessary, so it will continue.





This a very frustrating pop up blocker. It either blocks ALL or none. Most pop up blockers show a bar on the screen asking you if you want to allow a popup and you can select no, one time only, or always. ublock origin doesn't do this and it is very frustrating because there are times you definitely DO want to allow pop ups.

これは非常にイライラするポップアップブロッカーです。 ALLまたはnoneのいずれかをブロックします。 ほとんどのポップアップブロッカーは、ポップアップを許可するかどうかを尋ねる画面にバーを表示し、いいえ、1回のみ、または常に選択できます。 ublock originはこれを行わず、ポップアップを許可したい場合があるので非常にイライラします。



A total desaster for 4-5 weeks. Slows down websites to oblivion and often prevents loading websites at all.
Like the Epic Store, CWTV, Joyn and other websites won't load anymore, when using this PoSoftware and browsing the website for the second time. What a bummer. Was quite a good add-on, now its useless since it messes around with the usability after all.

4〜5週間の完全な障害。 Webサイトの速度を低下させて忘却させ、多くの場合Webサイトのロードをまったく妨げます。
Epic Storeと同様に、CWTV、Joyn、その他のWebサイトは、このPoSoftwareを使用して2回目にWebサイトを閲覧するときにロードされなくなります。 なんて残念なことでしょう。 結構使い勝手が悪かったので、今では役に立たない非常に優れたアドオンでした。



Script started stopping while Web pages are being loaded. Had to disable. Otherwise was working fine


As a long time user I'm very disappointed. I switched to this after no script went on hiatus and it was perfect, almost every functionality I could want in a script blocker. As updates continued ublock started to break and lose functionality to where it is now, my only options being on or off. I've stopped using ublock and gone back to noscript now that it wants me to choose between breaking a site and having no protections. Unacceptable.




Update: Repeat again: No interest to read technical. from my view of point as an user I see the addon fails to work on websites in one browser and works perfectly in others.
So it is the work of technical specialist (the addon creator) among others technical specialists (browser computer programmers).
Please do not reply just as to reply and make some one the victim. Just solve the technical problem on your side.
Thank you and I hope you will be more carefully to read user review because most users are professional not in your area.

Mix together two programs functionalities leads to wrong way working tool.
I tried to send email to developer but got infinite sign up..sign up . I am just user one of most people whom programmers create software. No interest to read technical. Please check this link it works perfectly in Chrome and broken in Firefox (no flyer to see), Chrome 84 /Firefox 68. Windows 64 English. ublock installed by default only, no any other addons/extensions.
URL: https://www.nofrills.ca/print-flyer?navid=flyer-deal&navid=Flyer-and-Deals



開発者にメールを送信しようとしましたが、無限にサインアップしました。私はプログラマーがソフトウェアを作成するほとんどのユーザーの1人です。テクニカルを読むことに関心はありません。 Chromeで完全に機能し、Firefox(チラシなし)、Chrome 84 / Firefox 68で破損しているこのリンクを確認してください。Windows64英語。 ublockはデフォルトでのみインストールされ、他のアドオン/拡張機能はありません。

Your link wor・・・・
Latest changes is big NO NO, bye bye ublock.
At some sites most of ads wasn't blocked
If the blocker is turned on and i open my browser, i cant use any website, it will load forever! If browser is opened and i restart the blocker, only then it works fine , as it should be.
ブロッカーがオンになっていてブラウザーを開いた場合、どのWebサイトも使用できません。永久にロードされます! ブラウザーを開いてブロッカーを再起動すると、正常に機能するようになります。
Sadly this single addon uses 32 GiB of virtual memory on Linux systems. This results in a completly lagging/freezing PC when just running Firefox. Got worse since I use Sophos AV which does on-access file scanning. Because I will not disable on-access scanning due to security reasons, I got to disable the addon. After using uBlock Origin for a long time I now switch back again to uMatrix as this addon does not use any extraordinary amount of space. I am running 20-30 security addons in conjunction and pinned point that NON of ALL the other ones has this behaviour. Please fix the background system of how the extension works. To see WORKING Addons see my profile.
残念ながら、このシングルアドオンはLinuxシステムで32 GiBの仮想メモリを使用します。 これにより、Firefoxを実行するだけでPCが完全に遅延/フリーズします。 オンアクセスファイルスキャンを実行するSophos AVを使用しているため、状況はさらに悪化しました。 セキュリティ上の理由でオンアクセス検索を無効にしないので、アドオンを無効にする必要がありました。 uBlock Originを長期間使用した後、このアドオンは異常な量のスペースを使用しないため、uMatrixに再び切り替えます。 私は20〜30個のセキュリティアドオンを組み合わせて実行していますが、他のすべてのNONがこの動作をしないことを指摘しています。 拡張機能の動作のバックグラウンドシステムを修正してください。 WORKINGアドオンを確認するには、私のプロフィールを参照してください。