I don't think I have to write well. However, I write to the president, but I think it is a very difficult story, even if I write firmly, so I think it is waiting, so I think it's bothersome. I write a story when I went to see the stage. I do not know until what happened to President Trump. I will write while I feel that I don't know what to write from. I took a ticket to see the stage of a woman. When I went to see the stage of the woman, I have been a little bad woman behind the bat I was looking at the stage while continuing. That's happening, and I left the ticket's seat until the day. Also, if you prepare for the day of clothes in advance, there is also a spiritual compression that the group stalker will do something. As a result, the day before the day was not prepared. Japan's October is the autumn season rather than summer. It should not be hot. However, the day was very hot. This story is a story that the story of this will be doing weather operations. I think that the Trump President Trump or its relevant person is also known. However, I do not know why everyone is still not talking about such things. Even when I was on the train, it was hot and it feels like sweating. I think that I also like to be tense. Also, I think that there is also an easy-to-sweat structure. But it was hot even if it was included. And I went to Tokyo where there is a stage. I continue to damage a group stalker. There was also while moving. Since checking the place of the pre-stage location is also seen in the group stalker, it is also difficult to find out in advance. I also have directional noise. It was very difficult to walk to the stage. It was quite hot, so I was quite sweat. In my case, it was not possible to fall. That's because I could predict in advance, so I was going to have a replacement underwear. I have been checked in advance that there is a cartoon cafe nearby. There was a shower room there, so I took a shower. However, the body had a lot of sweat and my head was sweat, but Because the hair is not disturbed, Thinking to the stage, shower has only the body. On the previous stage, I was hungry and hungry, When I eat something firmly, I was lightly eating it. Thinking about the stage. I told you to change clothes, but change clothes on the day, I also intended to put the clothes of the replacement in the bag. But I forgot the replacement clothes. So, somehow dry and sweaty shirt dryers, etc., I went to the stage. At that time, the manga cafe clerk may probably know me. It is strange to write a good response and write on this blog, but I am grateful. And I decided to go to the venue of the stage. Then it was hot on the day, but the wind was a windless state. I think that it is a person who was in the place on the day. It is, but suddenly the gust blows just before entering the venue My hair was scolded. My head was sweat. I also do my own, but I do not want to bother the stage, so I tried to have a hair in the bathroom. However, the toilet was all used to be used. Somehow, hairstyles have a hairstyle to some extent. Two men's group stalkers were also in the bathroom. However, it may be a pleasant officer's ordinary group stalker. Two pairs were warned, and the two pairs were beaten. But there is a lot of sweat and it is impossible because it is gust. Hair hairstyle is not correct. It became the stage to see the stage in that state. At that time, I am not actually bad, but it was a feeling that I thought it was bad for people on the stage. It was a seat of the stage of the stage. I think that the Trump President of the Trump, etc., but who did it. I think it is a television person. In fact, even if you look at the TV, you are hiding the face. I do not know what I want to say, but If you wear a hat, if you have been stormed by weather operation etc., Even if I have a doubt, I have been damaged the same. Looking at the stage, there were men who are sexual harassment and were difficult. After that, I was talking about asking for a clerk to meet the woman in advance. It is a talk from me from me. I think it was a letter called letter or sent to the official LINE of the woman. But as expected, I talked to the staff, so there was a story called usa. So, I went back to the stage. What would you like to do. President Trump and his parties like that, I feel that I'm looking at that.